“We Will Defend The Honour Of Slain Cops!”



Two high-ranking policemen have vowed to respond with the full force of the law following the deaths of three Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) officers who were caught in a vicious crossfire encounter with criminals in Spanish Town, St Catherine.

The officers, who requested anonymity, told Jamaica Today a short while ago that the JCF will not rest until justice is served.

Superintended Leon Clunis, who succumbed to his injuries nearly four hours after impact, led an early morning operation in search of wanted men and firearms.

Two other policemen were killed while a further two are now in hospital undergoing surgical operations.

“This sort of lawlessness cannot continue and we will respond,” remarked a Senior Superintended of Police.

“We will bring the deaths of our colleagues to justice. No longer should criminals feel that they can commit crimes and not be brought before the law,” another veteran high-ranking officer added.

Reports are that a four-member team from the St Catherine North Division were travelling along Horizon Park when they were ambushed by gunmen using high-powered rifles.

The crime-fighters were outnumbered and outmatched by the gunmen, who appeared to have benefited from prior intelligence about the pending early morning raid.

“From what I was told, the gunmen were there waiting to pick off the officers like sitting ducks. They were there ready and waiting. They must have benefitted from a tip-off,” the officer said whilst trying to keep calm.

The report said that a unit transporting the injured cops to the hospital also overturned.

The attackers escaped, but an illegal M16 rifle and two empty magazines were found at the scene.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness tweeted; “My heart is pained at this time and I cannot imagine the despair the families must be feeling.”

Holness said the government will provide every support to the families and the police high command and will be relentless in bringing those responsible to justice.



Roxroy Mclean

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