Weather Forecast: Haziness Due to Saharan Dust

An enormous plume of dust from the Sahara Desert has reached the Caribbean Sea on Sunday after travelling more than 3,000 miles is expected to affect Jamaica today.

The Meteorological Service of Jamaica this morning reported that a reduction in visibility is expected as a result of haze and strong winds associated with a low-level jet stream are expected to affect the island over the next few days due to the Saharan dust

Hazy conditions are forecast to continue into Thursday.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration first announced the Saharan Air Layer, or SAL, on June 7 as it appeared in satellite images over Africa.

The colossal cloud of dust was formed by powerful winds lifting small sand and mineral particles off the surface of the Sahara Desert and into the air.

It most likely took shape in recent weeks when strong updrafts sent sandy surface winds blowing across the desert higher into the atmosphere.

SAL is typically found between 5,000 and 20,000 feet above ground level.

This most recent SAL has now travelled more than 3,000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean as it reached the part of the Caribbean Sea.

Meteorologist predicts that the SAL could reach other southern US states as early as Tuesday and bring along beautiful sunsets.

The SAL can cause gorgeous sunsets due to its elevation and the colour of Saharan dust.

‘Saharan dust is orange and red, so as the sun sets through the haze you’ll get bright, brilliant sunsets.’

Although beautiful, the dust cloud can cause problems for those with respiratory issues.

The SAL can cause toxic algae to bloom in the Gulf of Mexico, but it is also considered crucial in fertilizing the Amazonian soil and sustain Caribbean beaches.

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