Westmoreland man accused in several sex crimes charged


A Westmoreland man suspected of being involved in several instances of sexual crimes in the parish is to appear in court Tuesday, August 20 on rape and abduction charges.

He is Romando Kerr, 29-year-old, an upholsterer of Wharf Road, Smithfield, Westmoreland.

According to the police Kerr was arrested following investigations by detectives at the Savanna-la-Mar Criminal Investigations Branch.

Kerr was arrested on reasonable suspicion of abduction and rape in Westmoreland which is currently under a State of Public Emergency.

Investigations revealed that Kerr was a serious threat to the security of women and young girls within Smithfield and other communities within Westmoreland, the police said. He was held under the SOE Regulations on July 23, 2019.

Kerr was placed on an identification parade, held on Friday, August 16 and Kerr was positively identified. He was then charged for abduction and rape.


Franklin McKnight

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