Where Is The Winner Of $33-M Lotto Prize?



The winner of the $33 million Lotto jackpot, drawn more than a month ago, has not claimed his or her prize.

A statement from
Supreme Ventures Friday, November 30, said the company is still waiting for its most recent Lotto winner to come forward to claim the $33 million jackpot, hit on Saturday, October 27.

The winning ticket for draw #1519 has the numbers 07- 08-17-18-26-33 and was purchased at R.E.B Wholesale in Vineyard Town, Kingston 13.


This was the third Lotto hit over the course of five weeks, a first for the gaming company in its 17-year history.

Assistant Vice President, Corporate Communications at Supreme Ventures, Simone Clarke-Cooper is urging Lotto players to check their tickets before time runs out.

“Persons have a total of 90 days after the draw to come forward with the winning ticket, but as you can imagine we are excited to hand over this life changing prize to our winner as soon as possible,” she said.


By: Franklin McKnight

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