Who Succeeds Shahine Robinson Is Up To The People, She Allegedly Said Before Passing


A few members of the Jamaica Labour Party are seeking to take up the mantle and run for the party in North East St Ann, as the JLP seeks to replace the late Shahine Robinson. However, there appears to be controversy over the alleged contenders.

Shahine’s beloved niece, Edna Manley lecturer Gianna Fakhourie, took to Facebook and aired her voice as it relates some of the contenders who have reportedly claimed that they received Robinson’s endorsement before she passed away last month.

Gianna typed that her “aunt in her succession plan in North East St Ann, said, ‘I cannot will my seat to anybody. It is the people’s seat. They will choose their representative. I cannot force anybody on them. They will choose, just like they chose me’,” and that Shahine did not tell anyone that he or she would be given her seat.

One of the many being considered for the seat is Tyrone Robinson, who was Shahine’s campaign manager for a slew of year. He has expressed interest but said he is still contemplating.

At the same time, allegedly, Senators Kerensia Morrison and Kamina Johnson Smith, the minister of foreign affairs and foreign trade, are up to take the seat.

None the less, Gianna said she has heard people standing up for themselves and calling for who they want. “I have done my checks and that person has not yet had a meeting in the seat, as she is being respectful that my aunt has not yet been laid to rest, ” pointing out that a female is a favorite to succeed her aunt.

The JLP leadership is to meet with all who are seeking to take up the challenge and represent the party in NE St. Ann.

The next general election is constitutionally due February 2021.



Shannon Dale Reid

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