Windalco Offers $9 M In Grants, Scholarships To Students In Host Communities



 Alumina producer WINDALCO is paying out more than $9 Million in school assistance to nearly 60 students from four parishes close to areas the company carries out its activities.


Fifty-nine students from communities within St. Catherine, St. Ann, Clarendon and Manchester received scholarships and grants from WINDALCO valued more than J$8 million dollars, at a function Monday, at the Ewarton Works Sports Club. S Catherine


In September the Company is to invest another J$1 million in grants to five final year engineering students studying at the University of Technology.



The investment forms part of the Company’s annual back to school programme benefitting students, residing near or within WINDALCO’s operational areas, who have excelled in their examinations at the primary and tertiary levels.



Speaking at the handover ceremony Monday August 26, Information & Public Affairs Officer Monique Grange said “It was not a simple feat to invest more than $9 million in this year’s programme, at this time, but the Company views education as one of the most important facets in developing our communities.”


And Human Resources Director at WINDALCO Glendon Johnson said the grants are not a handout but an investment.


“This is the largest sum WINDALCO has invested in our scholarship and grants programme. It is a well calculated investment given the challenges facing the Company due to falling alumina prices. Nevertheless, we want to continue supporting our young people and encourage them to do well.”


Franklin Mcknight

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