Woman Accused of Stealing Money From Police Commissioner’s Bank Account, Remanded

Anneesa Currie, one of several persons who the police say defrauded the Police Commissioner Major General Anthony Anderson of $1.3 million, was remanded in custody after she appeared before the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court on Friday.

Currie, 19, pleaded not guilty when Clerk of Court Hanson Lawson raised the matter before Parish Judge Vaughn Smith. Currie is charged with conspiracy, uttering forged documents, obtaining goods and services by forged documents.

She is to return to court on May 1, 2018 with 44-year-old co-accused Earl Hobbins. The court also assigned a legal aid for the accused woman.

The police say Currie and Hobins cloned the credit card of Major General Anderson and stole $1.3 million over a one-week period starting February 22, when the Major General was still in his position of National Security Advisor to Prime Minister Andrew Holness.

The allegations are that the Commissioner was in a meeting and about 4:20 pm when he left the meeting, he received a message from the National Commercial Bank to say that money from his account was used for a transaction.

He filed a report.

Investigations led Fraud Squad detectives to Currie who was arrested and charged last month.

Roxroy McLean

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