Woman Angers Judge, To Return To Court June 29

A Kingston woman drew the ire of a judge when she appeared before the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court seeking to clear her police record 23 years after she was charged by the police.

The accused woman, Tamika Fearon, had her bail extended and will return to court on June 29, 2018 when the court is expected to locate her file.

Fearon, a businesswoman, was charged with larceny from dwelling in 1995 and was offered J$100,000 bail after her first appearance in court that year. However, since that time she managed to evade the court and a warrant was subsequently issued for her arrest.

Fearon drew the wrath of Parish Judge Vaughn Smith, who said her actions were among the reasons why there was a backlog in the Jamaican courts.

“This is the reason for the backlog in court. She has been hiding in plain sight,” a furious Justice Smith said.

The judge then sarcastically asked Clerk of Court Hanson Lawson if he needed the same amount of time (23 years) to locate the file. Lawson responded saying he would not need that much time to locate the file.

Roxroy McLean

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