Woman Brutally Chopped, Attacker Commits Suicide

A woman is battling for life and a man with whom she shared a house is dead following a set of bizarre events in St Ann between Sunday and Monday.

Dead is 65-year-old Errol Slew whose body was found in a well close to his home in Gibraltar District, near Moneague, St. Ann, on Monday, October 29.

A woman identified as Trudy Grant, and her son received chop wounds, reportedly in an attack by Slew Sunday evening as they made their way home. Grant received severe wounds all over her body and was treated and released from hospital Sunday. Neighbors say she was sent home because there was no hospital bed.

Sources say Grant and Slew lived in the same yard but were not in an above board relationship. However, it is said he was jealous of her relationships.

Reports to Jamaica Today are that the woman works at a bar in the community. It is reported that she served 65-year-old Errol Slew a drink. It is alleged that Slew told the woman “this a go be mi last drinks. Unnu naah see me back Monday cos mi a go weh.” With that he left the bar.

Later Slew reportedly attacked Grant, used a machete to chop her in her head, neck and shoulder.

Her son was also wounded.

She was rushed to the St. Ann’s Bay Hospital. She was treated and sent home. Ms. Grant is now home and her health is said to be declining as the chop wounds were serious.

Mr. Slew’s body was discovered Monday, October 29 around 5:30 pm in a nearby well with the machete, believed to be the attack weapon, on the edge of the well.

By: Christal Gooden

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