Woman Killed In Another Crash Along Mandela Highway

A woman was killed and several other injured during another multiple vehicle crash on Mandela Highway on Sunday.

Reports are that about 2:30 p.m., a motorist lost control of his vehicle which ended up colliding with a truck. The impact of the collision caused a further ripple effect and three other vehicles including a hearse heading to a funeral ended up crashing into each other. A total of five vehicles were damaged in the incident.

Police were called to the location and five people taken to hospital where one of the victims a female was pronounced dead. The identity of the woman has not yet been released.

The crash comes 48 hours after another multiple-vehicle collision took place along the highway resulting in 10 persons suffering injury.

In that incident a total of eight vehicles collided, there were no reports of any fatalities,” police from Ferry Police Station said.

Police have since issued a call for motorists to exercise greater caution when travelling on the roadway especially with a major project now underway to rehabilitate the roadway.

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