Wrapped 2018! Viral Rewind: Social Buzz, A 2018 Overview

Social media has increasingly become the go-to avenue for self-expression and the spread of information and here in Jamaica the trend is no different.

Popular social media platforms Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have been on fire in the Jamaican context for the entire duration of 2018 as citizens across the country posted, blogged and tweeted about nearly everything, with some posts taking on a life of their own.

Controversy, scandals, music and culture, world events, a few dances with disaster, heartbreak, national pride, unpopular opinions, political debates, healthcare and national security – the rich variety of topics left very little untouched by Jamaicans on social media.

Continuing with our ‘Wrapped, 2018!’ feature, Jamaica Today now presents our countdown (in no particular or chronological order) on the most viral topics on social media for 2018.

[The rules are simple, to qualify, a topic (person, entity, event sport or location) has to have generated tweets, hashtags, posts, memes, news articles or jokes (or a combination of some or all) over a period of two or more days]

1.       Plastic Ban

2.       Spice vs Naro (from Nightly Fix)

3.       Reggae Girlz

4.       Patois vs Standard English in schools

5.       #PetrojamScandal and #FollowTheOil

6.       States of Public Emergency (SOEs) and Zones of Special Operations (ZOSOs)

7.        Spiralling murder rate a major worry for social media users

8.       Popcaan vs Naro (from Nightly Fix)

9.       Dalton Harris and the XFactor UK Season 15

10.   Buju Banton’s journey back to Jamaica after years of incarceration in the US

11.   Yanique ‘Curvy Diva’ and her public urinating controversy

12.   Andrew Wheatley: the untruths, the misdirection and the resignation

13.   Vybz Kartel’s appeal

14.   Sliding J$ vs US greenback

15.   #JusticeForYetanya

16.   FIFA World Cup 2018

17.   “Run for the hills!!” Jamaica’s tsunami scare in January

18.   Growth in the economy

19.   Traffic horrors in Kingston, Spanish Town and Portmore

20.   Jamaica’s female bobsled team at the Winter Olympics

21.   Commonwealth Games 2018

22.   Primary Exit Profile exam (PEP) vs Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT)

23.   Earthquakes

24.   #Windrush Scandal

25.   Reggae Sumfest

26.   Hurricane Isaac

27.   Taxi protests against Road Traffic Act 2018

28.   Pastor Gino Jennings vs Mr. Vegas

29.   Chozenn and his Gospel ‘remixes’ of raunchy Dancehall hits

30.   Death of Elva Ruddock

31.   DJ Khaled’s visit to Jamaica

32.   Beyoncé and Jay Z’s visit to Jamaica

33.   Luton Shelton

34.   Pastor James Johnson

35.   Emily Shields vs “overly dressed unusuals” at Restaurant Week 2018

36.   Ishawna, ‘Miss Lou’ tablecloth controversy

37.   Death of Aretha Franklin

38.   National Security Minister Horace Chang and his ‘glorified security guards’ comment about JCF

39.  ‘Is Jamaica really #Independent?’ debate in early August

40.   Outcry against crime on women and children

41.   Everald Warmington’s reprimand of Business Access’ Sashana Small

42.   Robert Montegue’s “Obeah Uncle” comments

43.   NWC, no water for Christmas in Corporate Area

44.   Nesta Morgan vs Pearnel Charles Jnr

45.  ‘Meet me outside!’: Daryl Vaz vs Dayton Campbell in Parliament

46.   Opposition Leader Peter Phillips “flipping the bird” on camera

47.   Andrew Holness vs Peter Phillips on which party is the most corrupt

48.   UNESCO adding Reggae music to ‘World Heritage’ list

49.   Edward Seaga Highway vs Portia Simpson Miller Highway?

50.   CHAMPS 2018

51.   Schoolboy Football 2018

52.   Carifta Games 2018

53.   Alia Atkinson

54.   Usain Bolt and his football exploits

55.   Phillip Paulwell, PNP vs Andrew Wheatley, JLP

56.   Rygin King, “fully dunce” slang

57.   Tee Jay, “Braff” slang

58.   Black Panther

59. Shooting death at Dream Weekend Party

60. Use of Public Beaches and Puerto Seco

61. Safety of Returning Residents

Gavin Riley

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