Faded sign stating there is no lifeguard at the beach

Beachgoers are this weekend calling attention to the lack of life guards at the very popular Cardiff Beach, better known as ‘Flavours Beach’ near Runaway Bay, St Ann.

Some point out that Flavours is not the only beach where there is no officially posted life guard. This includes the so called Little Dunn’s River, an unofficial Beach across from Mystic Mountain near Ocho Rios.

Beachgoers take interest in a fisherman’s catch on the beach

Hundreds of people have been visiting these and other St Ann beaches on a daily basis over the Emancipendence Period.

On Saturday, beachgoers called attention of Jamaica Today to a faded sign at Flavours that makes it clear that people who are using this St Ann Municipal Corporation (SAMC) -owned beach are doing so at their own risk.

People are asking what would it take for the SAMC or the operator of the beach to provide life guards at a facility where at least two people drowned last year.

Franklin McKnight

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