‘You’re Just As Guilty’ – Deputy Mayor Bats For Justice For Yetanya Francis, Slams Silent Residents



Deputy Mayor of Kingston Winston Ennis has blasted ‘silent residents’ for not taking action against criminal elements who hurt the nation’s children.

Speaking at Tuesday’s monthly general meeting of the Kingston and St. Andrew Municipal Corporation’s (KSAMC), Ennis, expressed his sadness that 14-year-old Yetanya Francis was not alive to unlock her full potential as she was killed a few weeks ago.

Sadly, it is with a heavy heart, that 14-year-old Yetanya Francis did not get to see the new school year – owing to the fact that she was brutally murdered,” he began.

Deputy Mayor Ennis then contended that it was “full time” that criminal elements be reminded that they are in the minority and should always consider themselves on the run.

Somebody must have heard the young lady crying! Somebody must have seen! And if you have seen and heard and done nothing about it, you [too, are] guilty of the offence,” he said..

We must encourage our people to talk up. I’m appealing to the residents of Kingston and St. Andrew especially, report [these criminals] to the police,” he stated.

Young Yetanya Francis, affectionately called ‘Princess’ was murdered in her community of Arnett Gardens on Thursday, August 23 after leaving home to purchase food at a nearby cook shop.

After a frantic search, the teen’s mutilated and burnt body was found behind a church in the area on Friday morning, August 24. The official autopsy confirmed Yetanya was stabbed to death and sexually assaulted before being dismembered and set ablaze.

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